Two: The Tale of Light and Darkness

Everyone has a soul.

The soul holds many secrets.

Some are able to unlock the Attributes of Soulmagic within their soul. The only way one can harness these abilities is through the use of a sword that is either connected with its maker or bonded to its long-standing wielder.

Brace yourself as you are about to enter a Tale of a galaxy built from Soulmagic. With the turn of each page this Tale will unlock each doorway of your imagination, creating a space for you to get lost in thought, while also cementing you to the story within.

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“This book was well-written and very creative. Levitt is one of the hardest working individuals I know. He is intelligent, inspiring, and determined. He always sets goals for himself and accomplishes them. His writing is detailed and enjoyable to read. This is a must buy book and readers will not want to put this book down. I am proud of you Levitt for all that you have accomplished.”

Maryellen Guardino
Director, Office of Accommodations and Accessibility Marist College


“A new and unique voice has just emerged in the landscape of fantasy literature. Levitt Yaffe, a recent college graduate and resident of lower Manhattan, has penned an innovative and deeply engrossing meeting of good and evil, personified in a great array of characters and unfolding in the richly envisioned galaxy of Palaleon. Two: The Tale of Light and Darkness demonstrates the highly imaginative powers of this new young writer.”

Joshua L. Brown, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Psychology, Fordham University